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Reach Out to Ashley Today



  • Has Been Working With dogs for over a year

    • went through a grooming school for her education ​

  •  No preference on dog breed but loves seeing ones that she hasn't seen before

  • Loves Cuban Food

  • Larry David is her celebrity crush

  • All of her crazy stories involves poop in some form 

  • Amazing energy that the dogs feed off of 


Liberty Bath

Liberty Groom

  • Can Bathe any dog, prefers a dog that will give kisses in the tub

  • Known for her de-shed treatments

  • Ashley has joined the team and wants to continue her grooming education

  • Connects with the dogs but also the owners to deliver an amazing experience 

  • Would love to work with more Brittany Spaniels 

  • Has groomed a lot of goldendoodles

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