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7 Dog's who nailed their Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again! While Halloween may look different this year we can still make this spooky season special, with costumes, candy and of course, mans best friend. These dogs definitely take first prize in the costume contest.

  1. This Puli is the perfect dog for this costume. All you need is a bucket and they can take a ride while trick or treating!

2. These two pups make the perfect Dorothy and Lion! Now all they need is a Toto and they are all set! Or you could be Dorothy, and make your dog a lion with a mane on their collar.

3. With a dog safe hair dye this skeleton is a great idea! The hardest part would be getting your dog to stay still for that long! He is the cutest and happiest little skeleton!

4. Another option with dog safe hair dye is this friendliest tiger ever! Who said tigers were a big cat? Obviously they are a cute and cuddly Golden Retriever!

5. Not all dogs love their Halloween costumes but they sure do look cute! Even if they just stay in it for the picture this seal is adorable!

We'd love to see your dogs' Halloween costumes! Share with us on Facebook so we can see your ideas and your beautiful pups!

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