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Getting Tick'd Off

Updated: Jan 4

Finally, some beautiful Chicago weather!

The great outdoors for our dogs is a giant playground filled with adventure. What they don't realize is that while they gleefully pounced through the woods, some uninvited guests have likely hitched a ride home with them.

Spotting ticks can be difficult, especially with thicker coat breeds.

To check your pet, run your fingers along their coat to see if you feel any bumps, you can also use a fine tooth comb. Ticks can be anywhere on your dog but some favorite locations they like to try to inhabit are under the tail, in the armpits, eyelids, in/around the ears and even between their toes.

If an attached tick is found, using a pair of tweezers, grasp the tick as close to your dog’s skin as possible (without pinching your pet). Pull it out slowly in a straight, steady motion. Don't jerk; anything left behind could lead to an infection.

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