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How to Clean Smelly Dog Ears

Updated: Jan 14

Corgi after getting his ears cleaned

Did your dog just wake up from a nap, and their ears smell like they haven't been cleaned in days? It's time to take care of that. We're going to tell you how. It's not as hard as it seems, but there are some things you should know before we jump into the instructions.

Dogs have sensitive ears, so make sure you don't use any washes or sprays with chemicals in them on those tiny puppy ear holes. You also want to make sure that the water is warm-not hot-and clean (we recommend distilled water).

Here we will discuss the complete procedure of how to clean smelly dog ears.

Why do dog ears smell so bad?

Why do your dog's ears smell so bad? It is pretty evident that it has to be because of all the moisture. So, dogs have a lot more sweat glands than humans, and they constantly produce this kind of stuff called ear wax.

It is beneficial for them because their ears are constantly moving around in random directions. It helps keep out dirt but at times gets too much build up inside the inner part where there aren't any air currents coming through or anything like that as a result, bacteria and infection build up, leading to smelly dog ears.

The ears of a dog are the main channel by which they hear. Therefore, it is vital to keep your dog's ear canal clean from debris or wax buildup if you want them to continue feeling good as well as smelling lovely. The best way for this would be monthly cleaning.

Equipment's needed for ear cleaning

Before you begin the ear cleaning process, make sure that you have all of your equipment. You will need:

  • Cotton wool or Cotton pads

  • A clean towel

  • Ear cleaning solution

  • The second pair of hands for your help

  • Dog treats

Steps to clean dog ears

  • Hold the dog's head back and look at their ear canal. If there are any signs of injury or wax buildup, take note of it. A dog's ears are a place where hair tends to gather and grow, so owners need to clean their dogs' ears regularly.

  • Before cleaning your dog's ears, you should wash their body. This will help the dirt and dust on their ear be washed out properly without being pushed further into them or stuck on with water when wetting the inside of the ear during a rinse/wash session afterward.

  • Dampen some cotton balls with warm water and gently wipe down both sides of each ear. This will help remove wax from their ears, which can be a cause for the problems in their ears.

  • By using the ear cleaner, apply few drops to their ears. Make sure not to put it too far into their ear canals as this could cause damage or discomfort later.

  • Massage your pet's ears to encourage the liquid to move into their ear canal.

  • Don't clean their ears with anything other than a dog-specific ear cleaner, and make sure any excess cleaner is wiped out before you do.

  • Repeat the same procedure with the other ear.

  • If your vet has prescribed any ear drops, use them after the ear cleaning.

If you feel problems cleaning your pets' ears, take them to Liberty Dog Spa.

Liberty Dog Spa is a dog grooming facility that provides full service to dogs. Whether your dog needs a full groom, bath, or just ear cleaning, they ensure both you and your pup are well taken care of! To learn more about our services, visit us on the web here at


The dog ear is a delicate area that requires special attention. It's essential to clean your pup's ears on a regular basis so they don't get too smelly or develop an infection.

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