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Kids and Dogs: Safety First

There are so many benefits for kids and dogs growing up together. It's best to set some boundaries and always take into consideration these tips to help keep everyone happy and safe.

  1. Create a safe space for your dog where they can be alone and feel comfortable. This will give the dog the opportunity to be alone if they need to.

  2. Teach your children to never bother a dog when they're eating or sleeping. Dogs can become irritable when their food is messed with or when they are scared when waking up from a nap.

  3. Make sure to supervise time with children and dogs together.

  4. Always ask permission to pet a new dog, even if they come up to you, you never know how a dog will react to someone new.

All in all kids and dogs can be best of friends and be great companions as long as we keep in mind that we have to be respectful of the dogs space and be mindful of how we interact with them.

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