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Rainy Day Dog Activities

Updated: Jan 4

While some dogs love puddle jumping, others take one look outside and give a big heck no. But even if pup’s afraid of messing up his fur, he still needs mental and physical stimulation so he doesn’t end up on your shit list by destroying shoes or barking through your Zoom calls. We sniffed out some rainy day dog activities so rainy days don’t have to be puppin’ boring.

Practice Nose Work With Hide and Seek Games Let your woof activate her huntress instincts with hide and seek treat games. Hide high value snacks in blanket forts, nooks, crannies, or even a ball pit. For the advanced Sherlock Bones, check out something like a scentwork kit.

Take Pup to a Dog-Friendly Brewery or Store It might be raining like cats and dogs, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck at home. Explore dog-friendly spots in your town. From breweries and restaurants to boutiques and bookstores, you’re bound to find somewhere for Fido to practice her tricks in public.

Let Doggo Chase Bubbles Most dogs are intrigued by watching bubbles, even more so once you show ‘em they can indeed *pop* them. Dog bubbles come in fun flavors like peanut butter and bacon. As an added bonus, they make great photo ops for your pupfluencer account!

Work Their Brains With Puzzle Toys Use puzzle toys to keep your dog from being bored. They’re entertaining, mentally stimulating, and best of all, keep dogs out of trouble. For a DIY option (bc how were you supposed to know it would rain today? You’re not a meteorologist!), put some treats in a muffin tin and cover them with tennis balls.

Schedule a Doggy Play Date If your dog is a social butterfly, invite her best pal over for an indoor play date. Set out some puzzle toys, old towels for tug-of-war, and boxes for an obstacle course. Just make sure neither of the dogs have issues with resource guarding before you put out the good good toys. For the rowdy crowd, stick ‘em in the basement or garage, or use gates to fence off any valuables or breakables.

Do Agility Training Put those zoomies to good use and channel that energy into an at-home agility course. You can find plenty of agility equipment online, but there are even more things in your home that you can use to make your own! Get creative and build an obstacle course with cardboard boxes, hula hoops, pillows, brooms, and chairs. Anything he can jump, burrow, weave, or climb through is fair game.

Have a Spaw Day Your pup has to go potty sometime, and will likely come in stinking like wet dog mixed with earthworms. Pamper pup and yourself with a trip to the groomer, give ‘em a blowout, and even a pawdicure. And don’t furget the toofers; teeth brushing is included with the deluxe package!

Teach Your Dog New Tricks Rainy days are the perfect opportunity for teaching your ol’ dog new tricks or brushing up on basic commands. Check out dog-trick training books or videos. Our receptionist Christina is also a dog trainer and is always ready and willing to help provide tips or tricks!

Strike a Pose Spend some time building the perfect backdrop (or just hang a bedsheet, whatever). Have pup try on all those outfits she didn’t get to show off during the last year, and take all the pictures. Capture some action shots of her running through the obstacle course, playing with a puzzle toy, or sniffin’ out treats. Post the pics on Insta and make it rain likes instead.

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