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Separation Anxiety in Pups

During these past few months we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home, which also means a lot more time with our pups. From them sitting at our feet when we’re working on our laptops, to hearing their pitter patter following you from room to room, our pets are loving this extra company, But what happens when we do have to leave the house?

If you’ve ever come home to a mess on the floor, or your shoes chewed to pieces, you can understand how frustrating separation anxiety in your dog can be.

So how are we supposed to fix it? Well I can’t promise a magical solution but here are some tips to help reduce some of the messes and anxiety for our pups:

-Establish a Routine: Establishing a routine can help your dog expect when you’re leaving. This one may take a while, but keeping consistent will help alleviate some stress.

-Exercise: Throwing the ball, or letting your dog run around will help them get their energy out before you leave. Especially if you'll be gone for a while, if they‘re tired they are less likely to get into trouble :)

-Establish a Relaxing Space: Giving your dog the space to relax, play or sleep may help them feel less anxious while you’re gone. It could be a dog bed with some toys or a crate that they enjoy.

Reducing separation anxiety in dogs is mainly about reducing overall anxiety. Basic training and repeated use of simple commands can help your dog learn what to expect and adjust their reaction. We can’t help being home with our pups right now, but training, and routines can definitely help when we do have to leave.

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