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To Bathe or Groom?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Let's go online real quick and book our next appointment for Fido since he is starting to get pretty stinky! And those nails, oh my! But we need a groom or a bath?

What is the difference?

The Liberty Bath includes a full wash, blow dry, brush out, nail clip and ear cleaning! This means, no hair is cut. Just washed thoroughly and made clean and dry again.

You can always request add ons such as:

  • Sanitary Trim (private area trimmed)

  • Paw Pads Trim (inner paw fur shortened)

  • Visor Trim (hair trim up around the eyes)

The Liberty Groom includes everything that comes with the Liberty Bath but with the addition of a full body hair cut! This is for all of our medium to longer haired dogs (Sorry Labs and Bulldogs, no hard feelings!).

Make it a Deluxe!

For just $5 extra, you can get all of the services included with a Liberty Bath or Liberty Groom with the addition of:

  • Nail Grinding (to make them nice and smooth!)

  • Paw Pad Cream (thick balm to soothe and nourish!)

  • Teeth Brushing (Goodbye bad breath!)

  • Conditioner (adds a silky touch!)

Our Groomers are standing by and ready to treat your loved one to a day at the Spa!

Give us a call or go online to book your next appointment!


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