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Your Pup Needs a Manicure Too!

Keeping up with your pups nails is as important as keeping up with your own. Imagine squeezing your feet into a pair of shoes 2 sizes too small, that's the pain your pup feels when their nails are too long, and they are constantly stepping on them. It add extra pressure to their paw pad and causes them constant pain when walking indoors. A long time ago when dogs would be mainly outdoor animals, their nails would be naturally grinded down by the different terrain they ran on. Now that dogs are domesticated their nails aren't worn down naturally and we have to help keep them at a reasonable length. In some cases if the nails get too long, they can crack, split and require a visit to the vet. We recommend a nail trim, or grind about once a month to ensure your pups nails are short and healthy. While some dogs do great with nail trims, others get anxiety. The best way to overcome the fear is exposure! Playing with your dogs paws and getting consistent trims will help them overcome their fear and enjoy their manicure!

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